iPhone 5S Review [ Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa Tech News ]

iPhone 5S Colours

The iPhone 5S colour choices are beautifully finished metals

Following huge anticipation, apples latest iPhone has been launched. The 5S is the luxury model, as opposed to the colourful 5C, however Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa is going to review the good points and the bad points of this new model.

The Good:

  • Improved camera – This iPhone has brought with it yet another camera upgrade, and Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa is keen to note how important the camera is on iPhones, due to apps like instagram and their replacement of traditional cameras.
  • Fingerprint sensor – While many shrug this off as a gimmick, Ravi explains how the tool is actually very useful and efficient.
  • New CPU chip – Yet another power boost has sped the iPhone up once again.
  • iWork app suite included – A nice collection of apps for work are now included free with the iPhone 5S – Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa notes how this is a nice touch from Apple, the company that rarely gives freebies.
  • iOS7 benefits – Obviously, as it is shipped with iOS7, the phone will have all the software updates explained in our iOS7 article.

The Bad:

  • Identical external design to iPhone 5 – A little unimaginative, perhaps.
  • Still a small 4 inch screen – Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa explains how Android is leading the way with their big-screen phones, leaving apple users with a tiny 4 inch screen.
  • Limited fingerprint functionality – The sensor currently only works with Apple apps so far.

The Verdict:

If you have the iPhone 5, Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa suggests that you wait for a 6, as this isn’t a huge upgrade. However, all-in-all it is another solid iPhone from Apple.


– Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa


MOTOROLA teases fans with a Moto X advert [ Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa Tech News ]

Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa

The advert released 3rd July 2013

The launch of the long-awaited Moto X seems to be nearing, as Motorola posted an advert yesterday announcing its soon arrival.

The teaser boasts how the phone will be made in the USA, however as Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa points out, all this means is that final assembly is done in the US. This means that cheap parts will still come from the same poorly-run Chinese factories, such as Foxconn, who manufacture Apple’s parts despite major controversy.

The main point of the advert is that the phone will be ‘Designed by you’, however Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa doesn’t think Motorola mean the hardware. Instead, Ravi thinks that the software is what will be customizable, not the hardware – despite a few color options for the casing, perhaps. [edit] or even engravings. (source)

It will be interesting to see whether the phone gets the popularity Motorola and Google want to see, as Motorola hasn’t had a great track-record with releasing good new phones in the last few years (eg. the RAZR).

There still isn’t a clear launch date or list of supported carriers, so stay tuned to Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa tech news to find out more…

– Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa

Twitter to Provide ‘Catch-Up’ Service [ Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa Tech News ]

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has eluded to an exciting new feature that may be included in future versions of Twitter.

Ravi ShanghaviAt a recent event, Costolo told his audience that he hopes to ‘enhance’ the experience of people catching up on events that have already happened, by allowing them to view tweets as if they were happening in real time. Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa explains how this would simulate reality, as tweets would appear in an identical way to how they did when they event happened in real-time.

This is an exciting feature, because twitter can significantly enhance the viewing pleasure of popular events such as TV programs, festivals and concerts. Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa cites the London Olympics as an example, explaining that re-living some of the events on twitter, whilst watching video playback on a separate device, would be highly enjoyable.

Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa also notes that an added bonus of this is twitter’s wealth of first-hand images uploaded by it’s users at large events. Being able to view images as and when they were uploaded, would almost recreate an entire experience – with no need for supplementary video or broadcast.

Costolo has hinted that more information will follow, and we will publish this when it becomes available.

– Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa

SONY Launches Waterproof Xperia Z Ultra Phone – [ Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa Tech News ]

Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa Reviews Xperia Z

Sony has released the ‘slimmest’ large-screen mobile, which includes an awesome feature – It’s waterproof!

Water damage is one of the most common accidents that render phones useless, or result in expensive repair bills (ahem, Apple). However, Sony hopes to tackle this pet-peeve of mobile users by selling a waterproof model, which Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa thinks will be incredibly popular due to this feature.

The phone has a massive 6.4 inch screen, and is surprisingly slim for this size. It comes in at just a fraction bigger than Samsung’s Galaxy Mega, which offers obvious display benefits for media, however some users used to a smaller device may not like this huge screen.

The screen itself is 1080p, which delivers a beautifully crisp image, one that Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa believes matches the quality of Apple’s Retina devices. Along with this, the phone includes software that automatically ‘upgrades’ lower quality graphics, however Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa is skeptical about such a bold claim.

The phone also boasts an 8 megapixel rear camera, which is an essential in any new phone. This will certainly be good enough for your Instagrams and tweets, and Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa thinks this could even rival the iPhone’s camera.

Another feature that may sway iPhone users is the upgradeable memory, which can reach 64GB worth of SD card storage. This is far better than Apple’s non-upgradeable system of memory, and Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa thinks this may impact buyers decision when browsing smartphones.

To wrap-up, the Xperia Z looks like a serious contender for the smartphone market this year, as it is made from premium materials and has incredible build quality. As well as this, its waterproof feature will be very tempting to iPhone users who fear the H2O and its crisp screen a crowd-pleaser to all. Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa is not, however, expecting this to overtake the iPhone – it looks like the iPhone will remain the number one device for a while, especially with it’s updated iOS.

Stay tuned for more tech news and updates!

– Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa

BREAKING: New iPhone 5S Photos and Details Leaked – Tech News courtesy of Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa

Many people are seeing the jump from iPhone 5 to 5S as a ‘minor’ upgrade, however news has surfaced that it could in fact be carrying a new, more powerful camera

We see that as pretty major considering the iPhone has a suite of apps that require a top camera, such as Instagram and Facebook. A new camera would enhance these sites, delivering more sharper images, and offering features that will allow users to capture images with a new twist, as seen in iOS 7. Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa has uncovered these details from a number of sources:

The new camera will have a higher resolution, offering better quality photos in all conditions. Also, low-light photography has been improved, wish as Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa notes, will be of great delight to iPhone users who currently struggle to take crisp photos in the evening or night without excessive grain or noise.

Ravi Shanghavi has also found some leaked images of what is thought to be the iPhone 5S

The rumoured iPhone 5S

(Credit: MacRumors) – Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa notes the size of the flash, saying that this will deliver a better flash in low-light conditions.


It looks like tech users may have more to look forward to in the iPhone 5S than previously anticipated.

Stay tuned for more tech news from Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa, and check out Ravi’s previous stories on iOS 7 here

– Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa


Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa on iOS 7


Over a week ago, Apple released their new iOS 7, which has caused much controversy due to it’s radically new design.

The ios has seen a departure from the previous dull colours, with a replacement of new, vibrant colours and soft-edged shapes. Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa believes that these new colours and shapes do have a nice transparency and colour scheme, however he also thinks many Apple-fans will miss the more minimalistic colours and shapes of the Steve Jobs era.

Despite controversy over design, Ravi Shanghavi notes that many new features are excellent, such as the long-awaited control center. This allows users to access features such as wifi toggles at from a single gesture, which gets rid of the annoyance of visiting the settings app every time you wish to make a simple change. Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa also explains that Apple fans have been waiting a very long time for this, as Android platforms saw these features a long time ago.

Apple has also instated a much needed re-design of its notification interface, and Ravi thinks it will be much easier to use than the poor current system. Also, Apple has made their iPhone intelligent, by anticipating which apps you will use and when, and therefore loading content before you even open the said app. Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa thinks this is an excellent feature, as it will make everyday tasks such as checking the news just that little bit quicker and more convenient.

Check out the iOS 7 site for more info.

Also, see the iPhone 5S leaked images, along with new details about the camera!


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